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Legal Calendaring Software

Stay organized on-the-go. Built for lawyers, Clio’s legal calendaring software keeps you connected to your cases, clients, and work.

A legal calendar that does more than just scheduling

Update case milestones, confirm client appointments by text message, and automatically schedule deadlines based on court rules.

Keep track of upcoming events

Organize your legal calendar by case, and see your most important updates and deadlines at a glance.

Track more billable hours

Organize your legal calendar by case and see your most important updates and deadlines at a glance.

Prevent appointment no-shows

Send calendar invites and automated reminders to clients through text and receive confirmation of their attendance.


Keep tabs on your firm’s schedule

Each user in your firm can create, share, and view calendars for firm-wide meetings, intake appointments, or case-specific dates.


Hit every deadline

Apply and document the transfer of trust funds knowing all transactions are properly logged across your ledgers.

Keep track of deadlines with Court Rules

Use Clio’s legal calendaring software to create events automatically based on rules and deadlines from hundreds of U.S. courts. Stay on top of filing deadlines, case milestones, court dates, and more.

File on time

See statute of limitations dates for all your cases. File on time and avoid malpractice claims.

Set custom reminders

Set multiple notifications—days or minutes in advance—so you never miss a meeting or deadline.


Work collaboratively in one legal calendar

Keep your colleagues, clients, and co-counsels informed on key dates with email notifications and online portal updates.


Intuitive legal calendaring software

We’re more than just legal trust accounting software. Clio helps you manage your firm’s profitability, compensation, financial health, and more.

Access your legal calendar effortlessly

Create, find, and update your schedule effortlessly. Access your Clio calendar from your existing calendars and mobile apps.

Work from anywhere, anytime

Update and connect to your schedule quickly from Clio’s mobile app.

Sync all your calendars

Connect with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar to automatically keep your calendar current, no matter where you update it.


Connect to One Docx Scheduler

Connect your calendar to Clio Scheduler, the appointment scheduling tool, that eliminates the friction and costly back-and-forth involved in booking and rescheduling appointments.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track billable hours using Clio's legal calendaring software?

Yes. You can create time entries directly from Calendar events, and see which events are missing a time entry.

How is Clio's legal calendaring software specifically designed for lawyers?

Our legal calendaring software has been carefully designed to make surfacing information as quick as possible. The legal calendar’s ease-of-use and integrated legal workflows allow lawyers to remain fully immersed in their legal and client management tasks when using it. Our legal calendaring software also includes instant access to calendar rules and filing deadlines for hundreds of courts across the U.S. This saves you time when scheduling dates and being aware of upcoming legal deadlines.

I only want to use one calendar. Can Clio’s legal calendaring software do that?

Yes. You can sync your existing calendars to Clio’s legal calendaring software, creating “one” calendar to work from.

Can I share my calendar with colleagues or clients?

Yes. Our legal calendaring software lets you share events with clients and co-counsel via our secure client portal, Clio Connect. Each user at your law firm can create, share, and view an unlimited number of calendars that include firm-wide appointments, personal calendar events, or case-specific dates. You can also make calendar event details private, public, or visible only to invitees.

Can I make events private but still share my calendar with others?

Yes. You can set specific events as private while still allowing others to see your schedule.

Manage your firm, affairs and clients from the cloud effortlessly